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Links Welcome to Alavukol Data Mappers Pvt. Ltd.,

Welcome to the world of GIS and allied services. Geographical Information System or GIS is the system of organising data over a Geo-spatial domain. This method of data management brings in a whole new array of enriching tools and products.

We specilise in using these geo-spatial processing tools to provide services to a wide range of business so as to help them make better decisions, thereby saving on cost, time and man power.

We also carry out all kinds of surveying whose results can be used in a wide variety of fields ranging from agriculture to Infrastructure.

We understand the needs of our prospective clients very well. Hence, we would like to give our clients the latest in technology. Keeping this in mind, we understand that in todays information world, a service protfolio would be incomplete without taking advantage of the vast web for both information gathering and dissipation. We accomplish by developing web based mapping services to cater to our clients which gives them seamless control and monitoring capabilities over their business, irrespective of their location with respect to the location of his business.

We also provide various other services such as fleet management service, land record digitisation, 3D terrain modelling among various other GIS analysis so as to empower our clients with effective means to make a better decision.

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